Do or Do Not ... there is no try !

Do or Do Not ... there is no try !
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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Satellite VIEW at Florida Keys Updated 9/15/17 EST

Anyone from the Florida Keys who has not been able to reach their property. This is a NOAA satellite image site that will get them somewhat close enough to assist them to determine if the structure of the house survived the storm.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

HURRICANE IRMA PS LOG (During/After): Updated 9/13/17 EST

9/14/17 6:00 am Recovery Begins DAY 4 - See post above for Florida Keys Residents 
9/13/17 6:00 am Recovery Begins DAY 3 - Getting Food/Gas Recovery and CLEAN UP 3
9/12/17 6:00 am Recovery Begins DAY 2 - Getting Food/Drinks,  Recovery and CLEAN UP 2
9/11/17 6:00 am Recovery Begins DAY 1 - Survey Area Damages w/A/C, Recovery n CLEAN UP 1
9/11/17 6:00 pm Channel updated w/most current pictures, video and information (during/after)
9/10/17 10:50 am Heavy Win and Rain, 2 trees down in the back ... everyone OK @Family
9/10/17 5:00 am NEW NOAA Advisory Below
9/9/17 11:59 pm Hurricane IRMA Category (3-4) moving at 6 Miles per hour .... towards FL West Coast ! updated w/current pictures, video and information
9/9/17 11:59 am ALL SET UP waiting for tonight and tomorrow ....
9/8/17 11:25PM (LOM) Today looking for concrete screws and plywood to secure all sliding doors. We also finally got gas in our neighborhood  from 3:00 am to 5:00 am, for both cars.