Do or Do Not ... there is no try !

Do or Do Not ... there is no try !
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Thursday, September 7, 2017

HURRICANE IRMA PS LOG (Before): Updated 9/7/17 EST

9/7/17  11:59PM ** CW: Under preparation w/Family/Relatives/Friends/Neighbors (LOM)
^ No change in Forcast SFLA Est. Target Saturday into SUNDAY We pray to God for his mercy on us and shift Hurricane Irene away  from SFLA into Atlantic Ocean.
9/7/17  11:59am OK, So Far -- Busy Food/Hware Stores, Gas Stations, Big Box Stores (No Parking) ** LOW IN GAS 
9/6 /17 11:59PM **  CW: Under preparation Biz(Clients/Associates/Friends)
9/5/17  11:59PM **  CW: Under preparation SFLA (Supporting ORGs)
9/4/17 Holiday Labor Day Weekend!

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